Shattered Silence

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First the lights went out and then we heard noises and then things got really scary. This is definitely ghost activity. A ghost child is trapped in the house where she lived as a happy human child with her family. Do you believe in ghosts? You are definitely on the right page. Whether itdogs real or not, is up for debate.Lori is a young woman that is not afraid of ghosts. She can communicate with the earthbound spirits of people who have died - and who seek her help. Her goal is to help the ghosts to find their eternal peace. She uses it to relay significant messages and important information to the living, but sometimes the messages she receives are intense and confusing. But when she helps both the souls who contact her and those who are still alive, she knows that her talent is more asset than liability.She now arrives in a cursed house that is believed to have trapped the soul of the little girl Diana. She wants to know why Diana does not want to leave this house. Let`s help her find all the hidden clues and help this lost soul crossover.



Hidden Objects Scary


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Hidden object game is the game in which the player must find items from a list. These items are hidden within a picture. It’s a genre where the primary form of game-play is to locate a certain item on the screen. So items usually blend into the background – sometimes in clever ways – and the backgrounds drawn in a way to make it hard to spot. Use your keen eye to solve the hidden object mystery puzzle game!

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