Hidden Menace

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Melisa is employed in one reputable private clinic. This clinic has been known as a place with many experts in the field and Melisa is very happy that she got a job there. Her work is quite intense but that is something she has agreed when she decided to become a doctor.However, this clinic is known by one other issue as well, except its great quality. There are certain rumors that this clinic is haunted. Some people say that there are strange things happening there but on the other hand, no one that works there haven\'t noticed something unusual, at least until now... Today Melisa had a lot of job so she has stayed at work longer. Everyone has already left the clinic, when Melisa was leaving. She has noticed that there is an ambulance vehicle in front of the clinic. The doors of this vehicle were open and there were certain voices coming from the inside of the clinic. Even if Melisa has already left the place, she decided to come back at work and see if some patient has come in the hospital in meantime.Melisa entered into the clinic with certain excitement and certain fear. She couldn\'t know what to expect but it was definitely a big surprise when she realized that the clinic is definitely empty. Even though there was no one there, the voices were still there! Now it becomes really creepy, so could you please help Melisa deal with this unusual situation?



Hidden Objects Mystery


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