Broken Trust

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Maria and Peter are police officers that have been called by an older gentleman named Kevin. This man has reported that someone has broken into his house and robbed it. The thief has stolen many valuable objects from the house and Kevin likes to find him as soon as possible.However, there is some possible trace in this case or at least possibility to find out who is responsible for the robbery. Namely, few weeks ago Kevin has let his distant relative to move into his old and abandoned house. The relative had some financial problems, so Kevin felt sorry for him and wanted to help him in this situation. Now Kevin feels that his relative has betrayed his trust and that he is responsible for the robbery. The numbers or similar situations all around are quite big but if Kevin is not right, it won\'t fair for his relative. The man will feel insulted by this gesture in case the assumption is not true so Kevin calls the professionals to find out who is responsible for the robbery before he makes any step.Maria and Peter are starting their search right away. They will look around the house very carefully, trying to relate everything that happen and discover who is really responsible for the robbery.



Hidden Objects Mystery


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