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No doubtly, we have all heard of the phraze Pandora\'s box. It means to do something that though it will with no problem, but at the end, it will turn to be a severe destruction and problem. And, very important, with terrible consequences. And have you ever asked yourself where does the expression come from, we are going to help you. According to the ancient Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on Earth and Zeus gave an order for her to be created.When Prometheus stole fire, Zeus met her with Epimetheus, Prometheus\' brother. She opened a jar full of evils and it all went in the whole world. And it was impossible to stop the process. Pandora\'s box is internationally known phrase and intelectuals usually use it to say when something really bad happens.Vivian is in front of a difficult mission, only she can save the world from the Pandora\'s box. Pandora has a wish list and Vivian must fulfill it, so she would stop Pandora to open the evil\'s box. She has to find the six objects that Pandora is looking for so she would put it in her box. If Vivian doesn\'t so that, the box will be opened and evil will prevail on Earth. This is a tough mission, but you would surely want to help Vivian. Good luck with the mission!



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