Exploring the Unknown

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These days we often hear about dying species. According to the scientists, the climate changes and the human factor are the main reasons why those species become very rare and after certain period of time, they could completely disappear. Since we can\'t do almost anything to bring those rare species back, the good thing is that the scientists find new species. Most of those species are actually combinations of the existing ones, but the evolution has made them look completely different, like completely new species.Dara is a scientists and a real adventurist that likes to explore unknown places. Exploring, she always discovers some rare plants or even rare animal species. That is actually her biggest passion, to discover something that is unknown for most of the people, something new and exotic. She hopes that somewhere there are numerous new species and discovering them will prove that the nature is not on its edge of extinction. Some say that people are evil because sometimes they destroy the nature unplanned, causing a lot of damage but Dara\'s mission is to prove that the nature has the power to regenerate and keep the necessary balance.The mountain Flaring is Dara\'s next challenge. She is here for the first time and her exploring will start right away since she is very excited an impatient to see something new. Let\'s see what will be Dara\'s today\'s discovery and learn something more about the natural life that lives on this particular mountain.



Hidden Objects Adventure


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