Earth Cracks

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Natural phenomena have been difficult to understand since forever! In the past people were completely confused about what is going on in the nature so they invented numerous stories as an explanation of the things that happen around them. Lately, as the science has developed more, scientists have explained many of those things. However, we have to admit that we still don\'t have a complete control over the nature and it always surprises us with something.Somewhere high on the Alps, there is a small mountain city. This village is very interesting and attractive but also there is one strange phenomena happening there. Namely, the earth started cracking in the center of the city. This earth crack became that big that it separated the city in two parts. This phenomenon happens but it is not something that happens very often and definitely it is not a pleasant experience for the people that live in that mountain city.Ashely\'s profession is being an archeologist. She has arrived in this city with intention to explore this unusual phenomenon. Even though she has other knowledge about this happening, the inhabitants of the city are somehow scared that this could be the end of the world. They also believe that this crack could be a portal that possibly leads to the hell. Let\'s explore together with the famous archeologist and discover what is going on there. Which consideration is the truth, the scientific explanations or the people\'s believes?!



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