The Hollow Village

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At first you may ask how scary village can be but the fact is that no one has the courage to get there because it seems that it is haunted by ghosts. Actually, there were two young people, the teenagers Bobby and Martha, both 17, who escaped from their homes and went to this village. Their intention was to explore this cursed village and find out what is going on there. Those two were always obsessed by mysterious happenings and discovering lasting mysteries. However, they are still too young and who knows what could happen to them in such a dangerous place like this.Martin has come to the place with aim to find the young Bobby and Martha before something serious happens to them. He is now in this famous empty and scary village, following the traces that could lead him to the brave teenagers. It may be braveness or maybe recklessness the urge that has leaded them there but Martin doesn\'t like to think about that. He is simply focused on his mission and he will do his best to find them as soon as possible.Martin is also very brave but since it is about such a notorious place, it would be nice if we could help him a bit. Dealing with scary images, ghosts and huge mysteries could be very hard and very stressful, not to mention the actual search for the curious kids. Be prepared to anything and try to act calmly, because only that way you will be prepared to face anything. Let\'s start right away and discover what is going on there.



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