Halloween is Coming

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Halloween is one of the favorite holidays during the year for many people and especially for the kids. Halloween comes from a very old pagan festival that was celebrated by Celtic people over 2,000 years ago. This holiday took place in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and northwestern France. This holiday was known as Samhain which means \'the end of the summer\' and marks the start of winter. The Celts on the other hand believed that Samhain was a time when the dead could walk among the living.The well known trick-or-treating started in parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland where people went house-to-house \'souling\' or- asking for little pieces of bread known as \'soul cakes\' in exchange for prayer. The grownups also went door-to-door asking for food and drinks in exchange for a song or dance. Here are also the Jack-o\'-lanterns which are the symbol of Halloween. In Ireland and Scotland people in the beginning used beets or turnips as lanterns on Halloween...So, since October the 31st comes closer, we are more into those stories. As the autumn comes and the pumpkins ripen, we feel that feel that this interesting holiday is very near. Carla is also getting ready for her favorite holiday, Halloween, and she likes every year her house to be perfectly decorated for this occasion. She would need some help to decorate her house and the backyard in the sign of this holiday. Let\'s help her complete her intention and have a great Halloween.



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