Dangerous Witches

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No, Madison is not dreaming, she is facing a scary reality, and she likes to escape from there as soon as she can... She is not aware of how did she end up there, but knows that she has to escape from there very soon. This girl is lost in the woods, but not in any woods - it\'s the place where the dangerous witches live. And she can\'t pass through these woods just like that. Those evil witches like to capture her and keep her there, until the end of her life. Well, that is something really terrifying and evil, but these dangerous witches are eviler than anything you can imagine. Now Madison needs to think of a solution for this unwanted situation. She has to find a way how to escape from this scary place and never come back there again. Let\'s help her escape this strange place before those witches do something unwanted to her. Maybe facing dangerous witches is not something we face often, but we are sure that we will manage to handle the situation and bring this girl back to a safe place.



Hidden Objects Scary


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