AI Conspiracy

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The more we learn about artificial intelligence, the more people are becoming concerned about their jobs and their lives. We often wonder, does artificial intelligence have the power to replace the human factor? Will the boundaries between what is reality and what is a creation of artificial intelligence be erased over time? We can\'t get the answers to these questions right away, but we all hope that artificial intelligence will be for our help, not our enemy. This game is set in the year 2068, in a futuristic environment. The large corporation CyberCorp is building one of the largest cities in which artificial intelligence occupies a very important place. Luna is our character in today\'s game, and she is investigating what is behind this project. It is suspected that the human factor will be completely replaced in a short time in this city, so she decided to do a little research on that topic and check this conspiracy theory.Let\'s join Luna in her quest and find out if these suspicions are founded or not.



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