The Railway Detectives

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As the name says, a train robbery is a type of robbery, in which the aim is to steal money or other valuable objects being carried aboard trains. Those robberies were more frequent in the past when the trains were slower and the criminals attacked them from their horses but they happen today as well. The thing is that many people board and get off the train so it could be hard to find out who is actually responsible for the robbery. However, train robbery as every other robbery is something that could be controlled by the professionals and the good detectives who manage to settle down even the most skilled criminals.Clacton is a small city that is related only with railway traffic with the other cities in the country. The citizens coming from this country are very proud of their railway and they like to the railway to keep its good reputation. The people do their best to avoid appearance of any criminal in the trains that pass from there. However, exactly this night there\'s been a robbery in one of the trains. Sally and Gerald are detectives who are called to solve this unusual case. Since all the citizens of Clacton city like to keep the railway station safe, including the trains, it is probably someone that doesn\'t live there or maybe it\'s not like that. It would be nice if we could help Sally and Gerald find out the truth and find out who stands behind this crime. We could help them stop this kind of a criminal before it becomes too late and it takes a bigger swing.



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