The Mystical Labyrinth

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So, are you into mythology? For some people mythology is just a collection of fairy tales while other people take it as a metaphorical interpretation of the world, giving it a lot of significance. Those stories are full of interesting creatures but also they are full of interesting happenings and complex relations which makes them interesting for children and grownups as well.In this game you will meet Hesperia. She is a mythological creature, a combination of a faun - half human–half goat manifestation of forest and animal spirits, and a woman. At the moment, Hesperia is in front of the gates o the mystical labyrinth. Her greatest love, the faun Pagal is kept imprisoned by the evil nymph Electra. Electra wants Pagal to be her lover and he keeps him there without knowing that her power will fade out in case that someone enters into the mystical labyrinth. However, things to be even more complicated, her power will completely disappear in case that someone manages to escape from the labyrinth.You may notice that it is about a rather unusual story that puts us in a different type of a reality. We are sure that you will be willing to take part in this mythical adventure and help Hesperia bring back her biggest love, helping him to escape from the prison that Electra made for him. This will be a serious battle but let the better one win!



Hidden Objects Mystery


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Hidden object game is the game in which the player must find items from a list. These items are hidden within a picture. It’s a genre where the primary form of game-play is to locate a certain item on the screen. So items usually blend into the background – sometimes in clever ways – and the backgrounds drawn in a way to make it hard to spot. Use your keen eye to solve the hidden object mystery puzzle game!

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