The Ice Giant

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Wapi is a young Indian that is in charge for guarding his village from the evil spirits and the other unusual creatures that can be found there. Lately, around the village, have been noticed traces from the creature known as Chenoo. He is a creature very similar as Bigfoot and it is making some troubles to the people that live there. As a matter of fact, Chenoos are the evil man-eating ice giants of northern Wabanaki legends.As said by the legends, Chenoo was once a human being who either became possessed by an evil spirit or committed a terrible crime (above all cannibalism or taking food from a starving person), making his heart to turn to ice. There are also some legends, in which a human has been effectively rescued from the frozen heart of a Chenoo. However, as a rule one time a person has been transformed into a Chenoo, their only escape is death.Now Wapi is on a mission to face with Chenoo and make sure that he won\'t come near to his village anymore. That way the people who live there will be safe, without any treat from this unusual creature with a strange destiny. Let\'s help Wapi face Chenoo and deal with the whole situation, without being hurt.



Hidden Objects Mystery


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