The Misfortunes of Elizabeth

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Poor Elizabeth… She left this world many years ago, but unfortunately, she still can’t find her own peace. Her old home was in Venice, and it seems that her soul is stuck exactly there, because she haunts the place where she was living while she was alive. And the trouble to be even bigger, now in her old home live other people.Those people tried to settle down in this place, but they never felt welcomed. They feel Elizabeth’s presence all the time and it is bothering them all the time. Trey tried whatever they could, so now they like to try one more thing – to destroy the Elizabeth’s home, hoping that it would drive Elizabeth away. But the owners of the place are not aware that this action will only bind her soul in the ruins and she will haunt the place forever.However, there is something that can be done about this situation. It\'s up to you to talk to Elizabeth and find a way to set her free. Her soul will be set free only if she deals with the issues that make her feel like her job here is not finished.



Hidden Objects Mystery


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