The Last Lighthouse

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Martha belongs to the tribe Inui. The members of this tribe live near the ocean which means that their life is closely related to it. They live from the benefits that the ocean gives to them in a sense that they catch fish every day which makes the fish and other see food their main food.Besides the fish, they get other resources from the boats that come there every day regularly so they have a very good relation with everywhere in the world, making their live nice and comfy. The life in this place is rather good for the people who live there but still there is a problem, or let\'s say, a big problem, but at the same time very strange problem. The last lighthouse that is located in their surroundings is haunted by the spirit of the pirate Gloria, a pirate that cruised all through this ocean.Her spirit can be still felt and even seen by someone and that\'s why Martha decides that now it is time to beat the ghost of the pirate and set free from the lighthouse. This would mean even better life for the members of the tribe.



Hidden Objects Mystery


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